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Board of Directors

Meet the Board

  • Andreas Hedskog
    Chair of the board
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  • Louise Bagewitz
    Board Member
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  • David Lidbetter
    Board Member
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  • Lena Ridström
    Board Member
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  • Mats Hjerpe
    Board Member
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  • Christine Rankin
    Board Member
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The Board of Directors of the Group is the highest decision-making body after the General Meeting.

In accordance with the Swedish Companies Act, the Board of Directors is responsible for the management and organisation of the Group, which means that the Board of Directors is responsible for, among other things, establishing procedures and strategies, ensuring that established objectives are evaluated, continuously evaluating the Group’s financial position and performance, and evaluating operational management. The Board of Directors is also responsible for ensuring the timely preparation of the annual report, consolidated financial statements and interim reports. In addition, the Board of Directors appoints the CEO.

The Board of Directors follows written rules of procedure which are revised annually and adopted at the inaugural board meeting each year, or otherwise if required. The rules of procedure regulate, inter alia, board practices, functions and the allocation of work between board members and committees, the CEO and established committees. At the inaugural board meeting, the Board also establishes the instructions for the CEO, including instructions for financial reporting.

The Board of Directors meets according to an annual schedule. In addition to these meetings, additional Board meetings may be convened to deal with matters that cannot be referred to a regular Board meeting. In addition to Board meetings, the Chairman of the Board and the CEO have an ongoing dialogue regarding the management of the Group. The Chairman of the Board has specific responsibility for the management of the Board’s work and that the Board’s work is well organised and carried out in an efficient manner.

The members of the Board of Directors are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting for the period until the end of the next Annual General Meeting.


A new board for a new period of expansion and development

As 4C Strategies enters a new period of expansion and development of the business, we take a closer look at the new composition of the Board of Directors at 4C, and ask three key questions to board members Louise BagewitzLena Ridström and Christine Rankin who recently joined.

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