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4C as an Investment


Organic net sales growth
-10 %
(Q1 2024)
Software revenue in relation to net sales
62 %
(Q1 2024)
Adjusted EBIT margin
-10 %
(Q1 2024)

Seven Reasons to invest in 4C Strategies

1. First-mover advantage in a fast-growing and non-cyclical market
  • The market for organisational readiness and training is management expected to grow by 15 percent per year until 2025.1
  • Increasingly complex and uncertain environment for companies and organisations, including geopolitical tensions, cyber threats, and supply-chain challenges. Growing need to mitigate risks and improve resilience in operations.
  • Increasing digital adoption in the area for organisational readiness and training management.
  • New regulations, increasing the need for technology to ensure compliance.

1 Source: ADL market study

2. Global provider of resilience tech with high-profile customers in a broad range of industries
  • Over 150 customers, including some of the world’s most high-profile public institutions, enterprises, and armed forces.
  • Global offering with established offices in Sweden, the UK, and the US.
  • Listed by the global research and advisory firm Gartner as a Representative Vendor in its “Market Guide for Crisis/Emergency Management (C/E M) Solutions”.
3. Long-standing customer relationships and low churn
  • Solutions for mission-critical environments that are deeply integrated with customers’ operations.
  • Complete customisability to each customer’s organisation, creating stickiness and barriers to entry.
4. Well-invested, scalable, and highly secure software platform – accredited by NATO
  • Developed over 20 years in close collaboration with customers in the defence, public and corporate sectors.
  • High security level with accreditation by NATO.
  • Technology that is compliant with the strictest demands on security and data integrity of governments, critical infrastructure providers and armed forces.
  • 100% ownership of IPs.
5. Broad software offering able to solve broad range of complex challenges with significant revenue potential
  • Modular offering catering to customers in several industries.
  • Upselling possibilities through additional software modules as well as support and maintenance agreements.
  • Integrated solutions, providing cross-selling possibilities between software and expert services.
6. Strong position to accelerate expansion on a global scale
  • Expanding the Exonaut platform with additional software modules, AI and machine learning.
  • Further expanding the corporate vertical in relevant sectors such as energy, finance and telecom.
  • Building customer pipeline locally in more markets by expanding geographical footprint.
7. Highly experienced management team with a proven track record
  • Deep industry expertise and know-how from other software businesses.
  • Clear strategic vision, having expanded the Company organically since its inception.

Financial Targets

The overall target areas for 4C Strategies have been set to; Growth, Software revenue and Profitability.

  • 4C Strategies aims to exceed an average annual FX-adjusted organic net sales growth rate of 20% in the medium term
  • 4C Strategies aims to reach software revenue in relation to net sales exceeding 70% in the medium term
  • 4C Strategies aims to reach an adjusted EBIT margin exceeding 20% in the medium term

4C Strategies’ financial targets should not be viewed as a forecast but rather as the ambition which the Board of Directors and Executive Management believes is a reasonable goal for the company.

Dividend Policy

The Board of Directors intend to use generated cash flow for investments in continued growth, and thereby proposes no dividend in the short or medium term.